Beyond remote close to paradise

Beyond remote close to paradise

Beyond remote close to paradiseBeyond remote close to paradiseBeyond remote close to paradise

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Fanning Island Outfitters

First view of Fanning Island from the air


Fanning Island is 3.5' north of the equator, and only 1 hour 10 minute flight from Kiribati (Christmas Island) which is a 3.5 hour flight  from Honolulu, crossing the international date line adds a day.  Flights to Fanning  only began in 2016. The island has 40 square miles of interior lagoon that has seen very few if any fishermen or flies.

Big bone fish caught on a fly


Double digit bones and Giant or Bluefin Trevally on the fly. Do you need any other reason ? Only 6 fishermen on the island per week with a 1 to 1 guide ratio, on endless flats up to 10 hours a day. This trip is for the serious fly fishermen not needing the luxurious resort  but wanting to explore a year round paradise of undiscovered tropical flats and experience an island culture at the same time. 

Eye of Blue Fin Trevally


The best part about Fanning Island is the location and weather.  A consistent 75-85 degrees 24/7/365.  More rain makes it more lush and tropical than Christmas Island.   One flight a week to Christmas Island means you arrive in Honolulu on a Monday, Fly to CXI on Tuesday, (which is then Wednesday), afternoon fishing, spend the night, fly to Fanning Thursday morning.  Fish through Monday, fly back to CXI on Tuesday, fish the afternoon, spend the night, fly back to Honolulu Wednesday morning (which will be Tuesday in Hawaii) 

Don't worry, we will handle all the details for you. 

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