Christmas Island

A beautiful flat to be fly fishing

Best Rate

We have tried to keep the price of this trip reasonable, so everyone who has had the dream of saltwater fishing on a tropical island, can actually afford to go. Your guides, boat, lodging and all meals are included for only $2750.  Only 6 fishermen per week.


The price is the same for single or double occupancy.  If you have a friend that wants to spend a whole week with you, by all means bring them.  If you don't have friends, bring yourself.  Then you can go home and tell everyone what they missed.

Time to go

Christmas Island has a year round season with very consistent weather.  Usually 80' during the day a nice breeze.  70's at night with air conditioners available.  January through December are perfect months to come.


It is best you fly into Honolulu on a Monday because you don't want to miss the one flight a week to Christmas Island that leaves on Tuesday morning.  You arrive 3 1/2 hours later on Wednesday.  Fish  all day Thursday through Tuesday.  7 a.m.  Wednesday morning your return flight leaves for Honolulu, arriving around 10:30 a.m. Hawaii time, on  Tuesday. 

Fish to be had

Here's the short list of fish we've caught:

Bone fish




Blue Fin





Golden Trevally

Goat fish

Banded Trevally

Needle fish

Sting Ray



Gear lists will be sent when your deposit is paid

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